2x Rectangle (breakfast) Plates Cherry Blossom & Lucky Cranes



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Rectangle plate or Sushi Plate Cherry Blossom & Lucky Cranes from Catchii dinnerware is part of the the Yumiko of Tokyo collection. This rectangle plate is ideal for sushi, starters or small serving plate. Carried on the wind, the Catchii leaf travels the world in search of inspiring places. When it finds them, it drifts to the ground and captures the spirit of the area’s individual charm. The wind then lifts it back to the skies, on to its next destination. For this dinnerware collection the Catchii leaf drifted down in the beautiful nature of Japan and the vibrant city of Tokyo. It was here where Catchii unwound after a long day and found inspiration to create the Yumiko of Tokyo dinnerware collection. The blooming of the cherry blossom has been celebrated for many centuries in Japan with cherry blossom viewing parties under the trees, they are called Hanami, where family and friends come together to eat, drink, sing and chat till late in the evening. Cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral nature of life and enjoying life diligently. The Japanese crane brings happiness and represents longevity. Celebrate every day as a new beginning and enjoy the elegant designs on your dinnerware from the Catchii Yumiko of Tokyo collection. Celebrate every day as a new beginning and enjoy the elegant designs on your dinnerware from the Catchii Yumiko of Tokyo collection. Catchii loves sharing these Japanese symbols and traditions with you. Enjoy the unique finds from the outstanding nature of Japan, illustrated on your dinnerware. Elegant imagery, with exceptional attention to detail, of flora and fauna of the world’s most fascinating cultures will inspire animated conversations. Combine the plates with other Catchii items on your table, and they will form an exciting set. Create your eye-catching style! This is the WOW-effect of Catchii. Catchii products enliven family meals and are guaranteed for wowing guests at all occasions from breakfasts to soirées. Catchii gets the table talking! Be inspired by the passing cranes, birds, bamboo, blossom and gingko leaves on your crockery. Collect them all! The brightly colored graphics of Japanese flora and fauna ‘simply make you smile every day’. Rectangle plates or serving plates from Catchii are made of fine porcelain manufactured in Europe with artfully decorated originally hand-painted designs from Dutch designer Femke Zwaan. Dedicated craftsmen, using the finest porcelain for durability, produce every item. This makes Catchii tableware suitable for use in microwave, oven and dishwasher. In short porcelain dinnerware from Catchii are premium quality, durable and chip-resistant.

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