Combineer wat grafische ontwerpen!

For this weeks newspaper we made a elegant simplistic moodboard. Based off of Graphical design these products will fit in well with the modern-day homes!

We matched the Beige Cuba wallpaper with our sand sisal wallpaper to give a feeling of rest with these natural colors. To add in a pop of color we have this wonderful side table in a beautiful desaturated red color and to keep this color in the rest of your home you can us this Radicchio No. 96 paint to match with it!
To keep the graphical forms going we matched this with the abstract golden bold table lamp. And lastly to keep the golden color we added the libelle jewelry box.
We also have some other simplistic wallpaper designs to add to your interior. Our Navy stripes makes the walls just a little bit more playful than just adding a plain color.
If you like more abstract designs our Curvy town wallpaper will be perfect for you. The different available colors will make these wallpapers easy to match.

In our newly added jewelry collection we now also have some elegant abstract earrings! The golden half round earrings are easy to style with your outfit and can be matched with other golden jewelry that we have. 

To keep our graphical design theme going we also have these vases with wonderful bright colors. Both are hand-painted by Femke Zwaan and every piece of them is unique. But be quick because there are only a limited number of them!
Take a look at these pillows that we have in stock, the natural colors of the raffia pillow and graphical design on the white pillow will fit in well with every room!
Have a colourful day! 

With love from Catchii, 
Femke Zwaan 

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