Sea life at home!

9 June 2022
Stagiaire Catchii

Do you also feel like swimming? Water all around you and enjoying the sun on the beach?

With the summer holidays coming up all we can think of is finally being able to enjoy the sun and some rest. Sadly enough this feeling often ends way to fast, luckily we know how to keep the sea around for a while longer.

Beside wanting to keep the summer vibes around in your interior, there’s nothing better than a fruity cold drink in hand!

For example make this fresh Classic Margarita drink to keep you reminded of the summer. And serve the cocktail in our lemons jug.


45 ml tequila
30 ml Cointreau (liquor with orange taste)
22ml lime juice

and if you’d like a alcohol free or child friendly drink try a Cherry lemonade


400 g sweet cherries
70 g sugar
625 ml cold water
lemon slices and cherries for garnish

Add all ingredients in a mixer, add the garnish on top and you are ready to enjoy your summer drinks!

This playful wallpaper will instantly make your home more interesting and will remind you of the sea and summer time all year around.

Add these accessories to your interior and keep the theme going! This fishtail tray will fit in with almost every interior and will come in handy for drinks and snacks this summer!

Keep the summer feelings around all year with our surfboard collection and sea inspired accessories!

Of course the most obvious thing to add to the beach and summer theme will be a surfboard, which we now have a full variety of to hang on the wall for decoration!

Have a colourful day! 

With love from Catchii, 
Femke Zwaan

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