Wallpaper Ibis Palm Beach

The scarlet ibis is a sociable and gregarious bird. The bird prefers tropical regions. They range along the coasts of northern South America and part of the Caribbean. Wading in the sea of Palm Beach, be amazed by the beautiful coloured ibis, with its bright coral red colour. This Catchii wallpaper design reminds you of a tropical holiday.

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* Beautiful matte finish
* The wallpaper is sustainable and biodegradable. As a result, the non-woven wallpaper has no negative influence on the natural environment.
* The non-woven wallpaper has the best emission label A+.
* The inks are water-based and therefore avoid harmful vapors and environmentally unfriendly concentrations in the air.
* The non-woven wallpaper from Catchii complies with the European standard (EN 13501-1:2007) for fire safety and the new standard for VOC emissions.
* Produced in The Netherlands