Tile panel Sardines Zigzag

Tiles to love!

These sardines with zigzag background are a fun decor at home.

The porcelain tiles are little pieces of art. Each design was originally hand-painted by Femke. The illustrations are elegant and consist of many colors.

A tile tableau in your kitchen, bathroom or living room is an absolute eye-catcher.



The tile panels are custom made with original hand-painted designs by Femke.

The drawings are inspired by flora and fauna.

Calculate how many tiles you need. The tiles have a size of 15.2 x 15.2 cm. A tiler can trim the tiles if necessary.

The price per tile is €20.

Of course we can make this panel or backsplash tiles in any size you want. Send us the dimensions and we will make a quote for you.

Request a quote via femke@catchii.com