Tile panel Artichoke

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Colorful tile panels to love!
The porcelain tiles are little pieces of art. Each design is originally hand-painted by Femke. The illustrations are elegant and consist of a lot of colors.
Each tile is thoughtfully handcrafted with artfully decorated designs that elevate the spirit. Elegant imagery, with exceptional attention to detail, of flora and fauna of the world´s most fascinating cultures create animated conversations.
Where could you add a tile panel in your interior?
A tile tableau would be wonderful in your kitchen.
Mix & match some tine panels to have unique wall decor at home.
Or just put it on a wall shelf.
Add a tile panel in your bathroom. On the wall of the toilet.
Add a tile panel in your kid bedroom or in the playroom of the children.
Be creative and find your favorite for your home.
A tine panel as a gift for a new home or new born is also a very original present!
Catchii brings color to your home.
Original handcrafted Dutch tile panels from Catchii
A tile panel or tile tableau is an impression on more tiles. In the Dutch culture, this is an important decorative element in interiors. Tine panels could be applied in kitchens. But they are also very nice in your hall, bathroom or just place a tile tableau on a wall shelf or desk.
All tiles are created and fired in the oven in The Netherlands. Catchii continues the tradition of adding tile tableaus in interiors, using the traditional ovens and method.
Dutch designer of Catchii, Femke Zwaan, has illustrated several modern designs for tile panels to decorate your home.


The tableaux are custom made with original hand-painted designs by Femke.

The drawings are inspired by flora and fauna.

Calculate how many tiles you need. The tiles have a size of 15.2 x 15.2 cm. A tiler can trim the tiles if necessary.

The price per tile is €20,-

Request a quote via femke@catchii.com


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