Samples wallpaper on roll Catchii Casual Collections


Order 1 or more samples of your favorite Catchii wallpaper to make the right choice. The costs per sample are € 3.50 including shipping.


Do you find it difficult to choose? Order your samples for the wallpaper on a roll ‘Catchii Casual collections’ from Catchii here.

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High-quality non-woven wallpaper, matte finish

Samples behang op rol Catchii Casual Collections

Behang Indian Eyes moss green, Behang Indian Eyes royal blue, Behang Indian Eyes terracotta, Behang Indian Eyes yellow, Wallpaper Bamboo Trellis flint red, Wallpaper Bamboo Trellis gray, Wallpaper Bamboo Trellis kaki, Wallpaper Bamboo Trellis olive green, Wallpaper Bamboo Trellis vintage pink, Wallpaper Indian Arrows moss green, Wallpaper Indian Arrows royal blue, Wallpaper Indian Arrows terracotta, Wallpaper Indian Arrows yellow, Wallpaper Indian Bows moss green, Wallpaper Indian Bows royal blue, Wallpaper Indian Bows terracotta, Wallpaper Indian Bows yellow