Jug 1000 ml Bamboo & Singing Birds



Jug ‘Bamboo & Singing Birds’ from Catchii Homeware is part of the Yumiko of Tokyo collection. The jug from this collection is decorated with designs of bamboo and birds. Collect the entire collection! The Catchii petal is carried by the wind, travels all over the world in search of inspiring countries. When the “Catchii” leaf has discovered a special destination, it swirls down and absorbs the surroundings. The inspiration that Dutch designer Femke Zwaan then gains forms the basis of every collection. For this collection, the Catchii petal has settled in the fascinating nature of Japan and the vibrant city of Japan, where Femke was inspired by the colorful Japanese birds, flora and fauna. In Japan, people live close to nature and respect nature. The aesthetic appeal of the “exotic” is accompanied by Enlightenment admiration for the ancient wisdom and art of living of the Far East. The Bamboo & Singing Birds collection is cheerful because of the colorful Japanese birds. Bamboo symbolizes a long life. Combine the different lines from this collection with each other. Celebrate every day as a new beginning and get cheerful with the elegant designs on your tableware from the Catchii collection “Yumiko of Tokyo”! With the small artworks of Catchii on the table, breakfast, lunch or dinner will become even more festive. Femke has a great admiration for Japanese art, which makes us return to nature. The Japanese prints in the family’s house inspired her. Just like the ukiyo-e woodcuts of everyday life and nature in Tokyo by artist Utagawa Hiroshige. Overwhelmed by natural beauty and charm, Catchii also wants to make you curious about the Japanese birds, flowers and culture and to enjoy the elegance of the flora and fauna; admire the beautiful feathers of the birds that fly over. Catchii is happy to share these impressions with you. Enjoy the unique finds from Japan, painted on your crockery. Catchii designs colorful tableware made of high-quality porcelain from Europe. The original designs are built up by Femke Zwaan with a fine brush from many color nuances and striking colors, creating a lively effect and making the service a real eye-catcher on the table. The quality of Catchii tableware is very high, it is a very durable product and chip-resistant. Catchii tableware is dishwasher safe and suitable for microwave and oven. Catchii brings color to your interior and guarantees a “wow effect” at the table and in the house during a get-together with family or friends. Catchii gets the table talking!

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Servies van Catchii is vaatwasmachine bestendig en geschikt voor magnetron en oven