Coffee cup Cherry Blossom & Lucky Cranes


Coffee Cup ‘Cherry Blossom & Lucky Cranes’ from the Catchii collection ‘Yumiko of Tokyo’. These coffee cups are made to enjoy your coffee, espresso, cappuccino or tea. The blooming of the cherry blossom has been celebrated for many centuries in Japan with cherry blossom viewing parties (Hanami) under the trees, where family and friends come together to eat, drink, sing and chat till late in the evening. Cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral nature of life and enjoying life diligently. The Japanese crane brings happiness and represents longevity. Celebrate every day as a new beginning and enjoy the elegant designs on your cups from the collection of Catchii ‘Yumiko of Tokyo’ collection. Our cups are ideal for your coffee break and tea time in the afternoon. Catchii cups are dishwasher safe and suitable for microwave and oven. Celebrate life with Catchii!

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The Coffee cups with Crane from Catchii are perfect for any type of coffee you desire!

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