Room full of wonder!

23 June 2022
Stagiaire Catchii
When deciding what to put into the (new) kids bedroom, we might get overwhelmed with possibilities. Should you go for a theme? Or just based on colors? What if your child wants to decide as well?
 Well, we have some tips to make sure the kids bedroom won’t be to overwhelming to look at!
One way to make the room colorful but not to overwhelming is to choose a muted color paint for the walls and add more colorful accessories to it.
Like our Wallpaper circles and with the different colorful designs you will always be able to match it to the room.

If your child wants to decide as well, you can for instance, let them choose one, the paint color or the accessories. This way they’ll feel included without it possibly getting chaotic.
Of course you can also decide on a busy wallpaper, our wild monkey wallpaper will be the middle point to the room.

If you like to have a theme to your room, we at catchii have more than enough accessories and lamps to match with this wonderful wallpaper!

This is also something you can decide on together with your kid. For instance, maybe they have a certain theme they like so they can decide on that. While you find the perfect accessories and wallpaper for the room.
We now also have Grips, hooks and knobs for cabinets and doors! There are many different designs from elegant and simple to colorful and playful, like our copper tree door grip!
These beautiful rose cabinet knobs will add some color and playfulness to your room. Instead of the basic knobs that go with cabinets, this way you’ll be able to match it perfectly with the rest of your home.
To add some basic accessories we have these beautiful golden Magazine Rack (now also in sale!) to add to the room.

Of course you’ll also need some form of light. With our different designs you’ll be able to find a lamp that fits everywhere and will match with your interior. See our Ginkgo leaves table lamp and Black brass desk lamp for example!

Enjoy the new hooks, grips and knobs from catchii and match them with all our other beautiful accessories!
 Have a colourful day! 

With love from Catchii, 
Femke Zwaan
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