Trend! Bowls are the new plates.

14 June 2016

Trend! Bowls are the new plates.

Says the Wall Street Journal (article Ellen Byron) and we totally agree. In the world of eating, bowls are big. As appetites grow for salad, pasta, rice and quinoa, people are using bowls that serve dinner portions instead of plates.

The 23cm medium bowls from Catchii are perfect for your dinner size stir fry, salad or pasta. With a bowl you can be mobile while you eat. That’s easy when you do not have a lot of time during the week! The versatility of using bowls is various, from serving, snacking to meal preparation.

The rising popularity of fresh foods, whether it is fresh ravioli, quinoa avocado salad or grilled vegetables with rice, layer well in bowls. So grab a bowl and enjoy your easy healthy meal!


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