Catchii x Van Gogh Museum

23 May 2023

Exclusively for the Van Gogh Museum, Dutch designer Femke Zwaan, from Catchii, designed a series of home accessories inspired by Van Gogh’s still life ‘Irises’ from 1890.
Graceful, hand-painted illustrations of the most beautiful irises create a playful effect on the designs. Catchii brings colour to your interior!

The tableware is made of 100% high-quality porcelain, made in the EU.
The porcelain is very sturdy and scratch & chip resistant. Suitable for daily use in dishwasher, microwave and oven.

Van Gogh painted this still life in the psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy. For him, the painting was mainly a study in colour. He set out to achieve a powerful colour contrast. By placing the purple flowers against a yellow background, he made the decorative forms stand out even more strongly.