We support Green Friday (sustainable European suppliers)

25 November 2022
Stagiaire Catchii

No Black Friday for Catchii today, but Green Friday. 
Will you support with us? 
On Green Friday we make a statement against Black Friday: the day on which we massively storm the stores and webshops for the cheapest deals. All those impulse purchases lead to enormous overconsumption. As a result, we are exhausting our earth at a rapid pace. 
Instead of communicating Black Friday deals, we’re giving something back to the planet. We are planting at least 10 trees for the Green Friday Forest today. 
Because climate change is a global problem, for every tree in the Green Friday Forest in the Netherlands, we also plant one tree in a tropical rainforest in Borneo. Are you also planting? 
For more information, go to https://treesforall.nl/en/join-us/

Servies geproduceerd in Europa

Did you know that we produce our tableware in Europe? The quality is very good, 100% porcelain. The dinnerware will last for years and can be passed on to the next generation. How nice would it be if your children later eat from Catchii tableware, which reminds them of their youth? 
Catchii tableware is suitable for daily use. 
Dishwasher safe, suitable for oven and microwave. 
This dinnerware is inspired by the beautiful Dutch nature. Perfect for the holidays! 

Wallpaper produced in the Netherlands

Our wallpaper is also produced close by, very close, namely in the Netherlands. 
Sustainability is paramount for Catchii + quality. The wallpaper is eco-friendly and biodegradable. As a result, our non-woven wallpaper has no negative impact on the natural environment. Catchii wallpaper has the best emission label A+. 
Bring nature into your home with our wallpaper inspired by flora & fauna! 

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