Botanical Garland

13 May 2022
Stagiaire Catchii

Some nature inspired elements in your home can add just the right amount of coziness. With the warmer weather this will be the perfect time to add some of those elements!

From wallpaper to table lamps or simply a different color paint on the wall, your home will be instantly matching with the season.

Of course you can also add some real plants into your interior to add this nature element! Go for a Snake Plant to add to your interior if you want an almost indestructible plant. Or go for a more decent sized Jasmine plant to add some elegance in your house.

Behang Botanical Garland
This elegant wallpaper design makes us happy and relaxed. Celebrate every day as a new beginning and enjoy the wall decor with the graceful garland motif!
Behang Botanical Leaves
You can also try one of our other colors or our Botanical Leaves wallpaper instead!
These wallpapers will be the center of attention in your home.
Muursticker Flamingo Jungle Stories
Reminder: if you’re too scared to use wallpaper on your wall, you can try an easy wall sticker instead! This wallpaper sticker will be a beautiful eye-catcher in your home.
have a colorful day, 

Femke Zwaan