Bijzonder Cadeau

15 March 2018

Everyone knows the usual gift stress just before a party. You want to give a special gift but you have no inspiration. You have been searching for hours on the web and you have already gone through the entire shopping street. But you still haven’t found that unique gift for your girlfriend. Stop searching because at Catchii you can now find an original and personal gift.

Personalize gift

Catchii now makes it possible to personalize crockery. All the services that Catchii offers can be personalized. Owner Femke Zwaan writes the desired caption by hand. The caption can have a maximum of 20 characters.

You can use the personalization of a service for different occasions. For a special occasion, anniversary, wedding, birth etc.

Personal wedding gift

Do you have a wedding soon and do you want to give a special wedding gift or personal wedding gift? Buy a beautiful service for the new wedding couple with a personal congratulation or the names of the wedding couple and the wedding date on it.

Maternity gift

Does your best friend or your daughter / son have his / her first child? Give a beautiful children’s set with a personal message for the baby. Or have a birth plate personalized with the name and date of birth.


Original wedding gift

Do you want to ask your girlfriend to marry you soon? Have a special marriage proposal put on a dinner plate, if your girlfriend has eaten her plate then she will be faced with a beautiful surprise.


The costs of personalizing the service are €8 per item as standard. These costs exceed the selling price of the service. Personalizing the service is done by hand, there is a maximum of 20 characters. If you are interested you can contact the owner of Catchii Femke Zwaan by email