Animals all around!

12 July 2022
Stagiaire Catchii

 For this week we at Catchii prepared a Animals inspired moodboard.

(Based of off the exhibitions “the beast in us” a 25 animals collection of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam.)

The leaf bowl fits in perfectly with the animals inspired accessories and wallpaper.
Match it with the elegant salamander storage box and Elephant table lamp!
To keep the green color of the leaf bowl, add the Jungle forest wallpaper to your wall.
Compliment the wallpaper with the golden brown sisal wallpaper or the Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green No.81 paint.
Add these beautiful elegant snake and beetle jewelry and they will be the eye catcher of your outfit!
This wonderful tableware set will fit in perfectly with the other products (or on there own). They add a pop of color and playfulness to your table and are perfect to line up next to each other, this comes in handy when you are eating with a large group for example!
With the weather only getting warmer, we would like to drink something cold! of course you can buy something at the café but most drinks are easy to make at home, like Iced Coffee!

Ingredients: (around 4 servings)
Oat milk
Instant coffee
Topping (You can make it creamier by adding some shaved dark chocolate or cashew cream on top.)

Put Instant coffee and sugar in a bowl, pour 3 to 4 tablespoons of room temperature water, and mix.
Use a whisk as it will make it quicker and easier. Beat until the coffee color is changed and sugar and coffee granules are dissolved and form a paste-like consistency. It will take around 2 to 3 minutes. 
Next, add cold water and mix with the hand beater. 
Next, add your Soy Milk and beat more to make it frothy. 
Add ice cubes in the glass and pour over your iced coffee and serve
Add some dairy-free coffee cream foam to make it rich and some dark chocolate shavings on top.
Stir and serve to enjoy!
If you liked the Jungle forest wallpaper, but are more into neutral colors we also still have this black and white version. The painting on the wallpaper will stand out beautifully and with the soft color will fit in everywhere!
We also have this peacock rose garden inspired wallpaper, an eye catcher in your home and available in multiple colors as well!
We hope you enjoy the animal inspired product and the delicious iced coffee from Catchii.
Have a colourful day! 

With love from Catchii, 
Femke Zwaan
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