A kids home!

11 August 2022
Stagiaire Catchii
The room of your kids is often quite difficult to design, of course there are enough products and furniture to choose from, but what theme will you go with. And if you don’t go with a theme for their room how do you know if the products will match nicely.
We at Catchii try to have products that will easily match with each other and have multiple color varieties!
Our watercolor wallpapers are available in multiple colors and different patterns. Like our beautiful blue and green watercolor tie-dye wallpaper!
Like our previous wallpaper we also have the watercolor tie-dye wallpaper in a pink, rainbow, pastel rainbow and blue color.
To match with the wallpaper colors, we now also have new color variants of our shell trays!
Even though table lamps are used for getting more light in your home, these lamps are also wonderful to use as decoration in the summer times!
Reminder: If you’d like to have a look at our sisal wallpaper you can easily order a number of color samples for €3.50 each.
Take a look at the accessories from Catchii! The well matchable accessories makes shopping easier and faster!

Have a colourful day! 

With love from Catchii, 
Femke Zwaan 

If you wish to receive more info. Please email femke@catchii.com or call us!