A bit of greenery

18 August 2022
Stagiaire Catchii

Since the trees and flowers are already blooming for a long time now we thought  it would be time to show you our greenery inspired products. Perfect for adding a bit of color which is easy to style!

This elegant wallpaper design will fit in well in your bathroom like in the picture above, but will also be beautiful to use in your living room.

You can also try one of our other greenery inspired wallpapers. Both have the same wonderful leaf design, though the spacing make both of them give a different atmosphere.
Color tip: The green goes well with natural colors but if you’d like to add some more colors, you’d have to keep in mind what kind of overall mood you would want to have in your home.

For example: a good color to add would be a red since this is the complimentary color of green. But when not used correctly these two colors can often give us the feeling of Christmas.
To avoid this you can chose one of the two colors as your main color (you’ll have most of your décor etc. in this color) and add just a little bit of the other.

And lastly, like in this picture above with our simplistic side table, you can chose to match the green color with the color right next to it in de color wheel, like a playful ocher yellow!

Also as a reminder we still have this wonderful surfboard design for on the wall.
Have a colourful day! 

With love from Catchii, 
Femke Zwaan

If you wish to receive more info. Please email femke@catchii.com or call us!