The WOW-effect of Catchii

Catchii brings color to your home. Catchii Homeware
products enliven family meals and are guaranteed
for wowing guests at festive occasions.
Catchii gets the table talking!


‘Celebrating Colourful Cultures’

Catchii offers dinnerware collections of high quality fine porcelain from Europe, thoughtfully handcrafted with artfully decorated designs, from Femke Zwaan, that elevate the spirit. Elegant imagery, with exceptional attention to detail, of flora and fauna of the world´s most fascinating cultures create animated conversations. All items are suitable for dishwasher, microwave and oven.


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Bijzonder Cadeau

Iedereen kent het wel de gebruikelijke cadeau stress vlak voor een feest. Jewilt een bijzonder cadeau geven maar hebt geen inspiratie. Uren ben je…

Tile tableau in the style of kitchen foodblogger Rens Kroes

Catchii designer Femke Zwaan handpainted tile tableaus to spice up your kitchen! Your kitchen will get a whole new look with a…

Dutch Designer Femke creates mood wall in concept store Bruxelles

Catchii creates arty wall in conceptstore Urban Therapy in Belgium The owners of conceptstore Urban Therapy in Bruxelles asked Dutch Designer of…

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